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Julie Alba
2010 California Distinguished School

Image of California Distinguished Schools LogoIn the Spring of 2010, Mountain View School was awarded the honor of being named a 2010 California Distinguished School.  This recognition was representative of the extraordinary efforts by MVS students and staff towards "Closing the Achievement Gap."  The California Distinguished Schools recognition program seeks to identify schools that have shown marked growth towards closing the academic achievement gap between key groups of students, as measured by the California Standards Test (CST). 

Mountain View School has shown steady academic growth over the past several years, but has more recently demonstrated significant growth and achievement for key subgroups.  Our key subgroups identified by the state include English Language Learners, Hispanic and Latino students, and Socioeconomically Disadvantaged students.  These key subgroups have shown accelerated achievement to the point where the state identified MVS students as making significant progress towards closing the achievement gap.

As part of the Distinguished Schools recognition process Mountain View staff was asked to identify critical "signature practices" that were strong contributors towards closing the achievement gap at MVS.  Staff and community members identified two such contributing factors of the academic success of Mountain View students.

  • Differentiating For All Students
  • Embracing a Practice of Partnership

These two signature practices help to summarize what makes MVS such an outstanding school.  From day one of a student's educational experience, MVS staff seeks to make sure they are meeting the individual education needs of each student.  This is accomplished through a system of in-class and out-of-class interventions, focused on improving needed skills, through effective support systems available to parents, and through consistent and frequent assessment of student progress.  Additionally, MVS staff regularly seeks to create a cohesive bond between the school, parent, and student.  We realize that it is crucial that students see the school as a safe and friendly place to learn.  Equally important, we understand that the role a parent plays in the education of their child is critical.  MVS makes it a priority to communicate with parents on a regular basis and to involve them in their child's education whenever possible.  The school-parent-student relationship is an active one.  It takes purposeful effort to make sure that all parties are involved and contributing and when they are, the results are outstanding.

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